Velvet Remi
  Indian Remi
  100 % Indian Human Hair
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Welcome to our website dedicated to Velvet Indian Remi

On this site is valuable information for Velvet Indian Remi, which is an excellent hair extension products developed and produced by Outre.  I hope this website is useful for those of you who want to know more about the hair product. Please, note this is not an official website!!!

Personally speaking, I think Velvet is the best hair extensions, as good as Bohyme Hair Extensions.  And, the following are some reasons why the manufacturer of Velvet thinks so as well:

Qualities of Velvet Remi Indian Hair

                Virgin Hair

                True Uni-directional Cuticle INDIAN Hair (Definition of Remi)

                Naturally Processed Hair

                Special Hand Weft – No Shedding Occurs, Even When The Weft Is Cut

                Resilient and Healthy

                Can Be Permed & Colored

                Lasts Longer Than Other Human Hair – Can Be Reused

                Top Of The Line Human Hair – Very Exclusive & Limited

                        -- from a package of one of their hair product

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